2018/19 Accounts

Payment Schedules

April Payment Schedule  April 2018 payments schedule

May Payment Schedule  may 2018 payments schedule

June Payment Schedule june 2018 payments schedule

July Payment Schedule  July 2018 payments schedule

Bank Reconciliation and Management Accounts  

BR April 2018   Budget 2018.19. April

BR may 2018     Budget 2018.19. may

2017/18 Accounts

The un -audited accounts are now open to view from Monday 4th June until Friday 13th July 2018  in accordance with the Local Audit and Accountability Act 2014.

Please see the full details of this in the following summary and the Notice of the Right to view.Summary of right to view

Annual Governance Statement 1AGAR 1 signed

Accounting Statement 2 Agar 2 signed

Internal Audit Report Agar Internal audit

 Final Accounts 2017.18 BR March 2018

2017/18 Budget Budget April 2017

Parish Council objectives  Objectives 2017.18

Bank Reconciliation and Management Accounts

April Bank Reconciliation BR April 2017  Budget April 2017

May Bank Reconciliation BR May 2017  Budget May 2017

June Bank Reconciliation BR June 2017 Budget June 2017

July Bank Reconciliation  BR July 2017 Budget july 2017

August Bank Reconciliation BR AUGUST 2017 Budget August 2017

September Bank Reconciliation BR September 2017   Budget September 2017

October Bank Reconciliation BR October 2017  Budget October 2017

November Bank Reconciliation BR November 2017 Budget November 2017

December Bank Reconciliation  Budget December 2017 Budget December 2017

January Bank Reconciliation   BR January 2018 Budget January 2018

February Bank Reconciliation BR February 2018  Budget February 2018

 March Bank Reconciliation    BR March 2018  Final Accounts 2017.18

Payment Schedules

April April 2017 payments schedule

May May 2017 payments schedule

June June 2017 payments schedule

July  July 2017 payments schedule

August August 2017 payments schedule

September September 2017 payments schedule

October Payment Schedule October Amended

November Payment Schedule November 2017 payments schedule

 December payment Schedule December 2017 payments schedule

January 2018 payments schedule

February 2018 payments schedule

March 2018 payments schedule

 2016/17 Accounts

Please see the notice of the conclusion of Audit Notice of conclusion of audit 2016.18 001 

External Auditors Report Section 3 Audit Report Grant Thornton 2016.17 001

Kingswood Parish Council has now confirmed the final accounts and they will be open to public inspection  by appointment. Please contact the Clerk to arrange to view them.


Final Accounts 2016/17

Final Accounts  Budget 2017. March Final

Annual Return

Notice of Public Review of Accounts Notice of Accounts

Status of Accounts Declaration of Status of Accounts

Local Audit and Accountability Act 2014  S 26 and S 27 Local Audit Accountability Act 2014 S26.27

Budget 2017. March Final

2016/17 Budget 2016/17 Budget

February Management Accounts Budget 2017. Feb

Quarterly Accounts

Quarter 1 Accounts q1-accounts-2016-17

Quarter 2 Accounts budget-Q 2

Quarter 3 Accounts Budget Q 3

2016/17 Payment Schedule

April 2016 Payments

May 2016 Paymennts

June 2016 Payment Schedule

July 2016 Payment Schedule

August 2016 Payment Schedule

September 2016 Payment Schedule

October 2016 Payment Schedule




February 2017 payments schedule

Bank Reconciliations 2016/17

April 2016 Bank Reconciliation

May 2016 Bank Reconciliation

June 2016 Bank Reconciliation

July 2016 Bank Reconciliationbr-november-2016

August 2016 Bank Reconciliation

September 2016 Bank Reconciliation

October-2016 Bank Reconciliation

November Bank Reconciliation br-november-2016

December Bank Reconciliation BR December 2016

January Bank Reconciliation BR January 2016

February Bank Reconciliation BR February 2017


2015/16 Accounts

Final Accounts 2015.16

Annual Return 2015.16 Section1

Annual Return 2015.16 Section 2

End of Audit October 2016



2015/16 Budget


Monthly Payment Schedule

April 2015 Payments

May 2015 Payments

June 2015 Payments

July Payment schedule

August 2015 Payment Schedule

September 2015 payments

October 2015 Payment Schedule

November 2015 Payment Schedule

December 2015 Payment Schedule

January 2016 Payment Schedule

February 2016 Payment Schedule

March 2016 Payment Schedule


Quarterly Accounts

Quarter 1 2015/16

Quarter 2 2015/16

Quarter 3 2015/16

Quarter 4 2015.16


2014/15 Final Account Details

2014/15 Final Accounts


March 2015 Bank Reconciliation

March 2015 Bank Reconciliation


Annual Return

2014/15 Annual Return