Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP)

Planning Strategy Group Meetings

The adopted Neighbourhood Development Plan can be viewed on the Stroud District Council web site


Kingswood Parish Council commenced the process to produce a Neighbourhood Development Plan for Kingswood in January 2015.

What are Neighbourhood Development Plans (NDP)?

Through The Localism Act and Neighbourhood Planning Regulations communities have the right to undertake Neighbourhood Development Plans (NDPs). These are simply documents – produced by the community for their community – containing maps, lists and policies. They focus on shaping new development so are based on land use and planning issues around practical things such as:

  • provision of walking and cycling routes
  • design of buildings
  • traffic management
  • utilities
  • affordable housing
  • sites for facilities e.g. shopping area, school, play area
  • where new allotments go
  • wildlife and landscape areas.For general information about NDPs and to see completed plans from other communities, please visit


Kingswood Neighbourhood Development Plan Referendum results

Turnout      52.00%

Voted Yes   93.40%

Voted  No      5.90%

The Neighbourhood Development Plan will now be used to determine planning applications in Kingswood

Stroud District Council Decision Statement Kingswood Reg 19 Decision Statement

2016 Election Results

Details of the Councillors are included on this web site and can be found under Council Members.

Election Results 2016


Stroud District Council’s Decision Notice to Proceed to Referendum

Kingswood Decision Statement

Examiners Report

Please see attached the full report and proposed modifications KingswoodNDPReportFinal

Stroud District Council will now review the NDP and the Examiner’s recommendations.Officers will be proposing that the NDP proceeds to referendum in May. More Details to follow.

 Public Examination and Public Inquiry

The Public Inquiry has taken place and the NDP is still at public examination. The Examiner is expected to produce his report by the end of November 2016.

Guidance from the NDP Examiner for Public Inquiry

Submitted Neighbourhood Development Plan

Kingswood NDP Regulation 15 copy

Kingswood NDP has now been submitted for Public Examination. If you wish to comment from Wednesday 20th April you can click on the link to the Stroud District Council’s NDPs Reg 15 Consultation website below.

NDP Regulation 15 Consultation – Consultation site

NDP Steering Group Meetings

NDP Minutes 30th April 2015

NDP Minutes 14th May 2015

NDP Minutes 11th June 2015

NDP Minutes 24th June 2015

NDP Minutes 15th July 2015

NDP Minutes 13th August 2015

NDP Minutes 26th August 2015

NDP Minutes 10th September 2015

NDP Minutes 1st October 2015

NDP Minutes 8th October 2015

NDP Minutes 4th January 2016

NDP Minutes 18th January 2016

NDP Minutes 25th January 2016

NDP MInute 10th February 2016

NDP Minutes 22nd February 2016

NDP Minutes 29th February 2016

NDP Minutes 2oth June 2016

NDP Minutes 1st August 2016

2016.09.05 NDP minutes

2017.02.08 NDP minutes

Documents referred to in the Kingswood NDP

(ACRE) Rural Evidence Project October 2013

Kingswood Conservation Statement 2014

Kingswood Environmental Character Assessment 2014

Kingswood Parish Plan 2010

What is a Village Design Statement

Current Agenda

Monday 6th March 2017 Agenda 2017.03.06